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LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) has been virtually unchanged since it first entered the public sphere. People are still using the same LSD-soaked blotter papers Timothy Leary was using back in the early days of the 60s counterculture. LSD Gelatin

But times are changing, and new technologies are being implemented to pack more LSD in a single tab. LSD gel tabs are a new, innovative method of preparing LSD that offers several key advantages over conventional blotter paper.

Gel tabs can hold up to three times as much of the active ingredient as blotters and offer a significantly longer shelf-life.

Here, we’ll explore what LSD gel tabs are, what makes them better than conventional blotters, and why we believe they’ll become the standard for LSD in the coming years.

What Are LSD Gel Tabs?

LSD gel tabs look like conventional LSD blotters, but instead of paper, they’re made of a thin LSD-infused gelatin square.

They look just like little pieces of Jell-O. Sometimes they’re colored or made to look more decorative with cut designs or gold flakes. Other times, they’re manufactured with unique shapes and designs to make them stand out.

LSD gel tabs contain a single dose of LSD. They’re used the same way as conventional blotter papers. Users place a single tab under the tongue where it’s absorbed. Through a network of tiny capillaries lining the base of the tongue.

How Are They Made?

LSD gel tabs are made by combining liquid LSD, gelatin, and water. Once mixed and allowed to set, the gelatin hardens slightly to form a gel. The entire square is then cut into individual doses.

The amount of LSD in a gel tab can vary greatly depending on how much liquid LSD is used to make the gel sheet and how large the squares are cut.

Gel tabs hold up to three times as much LSD as conventional blotter paper. But they usually contain somewhere between 100 and 200 mcg per tab.

How Do You Take LSD Gel Tabs?

The most common way people use LSD gel tabs is to hold it under the tongue for about ten minutes and then swallow whatever is left.

Alternatively, you can just eat the tab as-is. But this may not provide as much efficiency with the dose as you’d get from holding the tab under your tongue.

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